That was how one first-time visitor to New Day described his experience. And that’s a pretty good picture of what we hope it’s like.

From the start, our goal has been to strip away the baggage that sometimes goes along with church -- the trappings that get in the way of pursuing God. We wanted to create a warm, caring community where people can come with their pain and their questions. We wanted to explore what it looks like to follow Jesus in the 21st century.

If you’ve never been to church before, we hope you’ll feel welcome. If you’ve got some church wounds of your own, we hope you’ll find healing. Whatever your background, we’re glad you’re here. We look forward to getting to know you.


Two things we know:

Life is messy. Everyone who walks through the doors at New Day has a story of how that's true. We don't want you to feel like you have to pretend you’ve got your life together when you come to church.

God works in messes. He can use anything, and he's always in the business of transforming bad situations. Redemption is beautiful, and the more honest we are with our struggles, the more opportunity there is to see God’s hand in our lives.

New Day is a church full of people who have hard-won firsthand knowledge of what God can do. Jesus understands suffering and hardships, tiredness and stress. And he wants to meet you where you are.

The ideas that shape  New Day.

Worship is central.
We’re here to recognize and respond to God.

Truth must be well-told.
The message of God deserves to be delivered clearly, creatively and carefully.

The church is a mission outpost.
Sundays are a chance to encourage each other for the real work out in the everyday world.

Every Christian is a minister.
We’re all called to be all in.

Authenticity rules the day.
We are fighting fake on every level.

The church must lead the way in love and reconciliation.
Jesus said this is the best mark of his followers.

The Who question outranks the How question.
We’re trying to follow the person of Christ rather than a list of self-improvement tips.

For a more detailed look at doctrines we hold, you can download a PDF of our affirmation of faith.

Jeff and Karin Peabody   Senior Pastor

Jeff and Karin Peabody

Senior Pastor

Kevin and CJ Stigers   Associate Pastor & Junior High Team

Kevin and CJ Stigers

Associate Pastor & Junior High Team

Becky Diffner   Office Administrator

Becky Diffner

Office Administrator

Derek Henderson   Worship Leader

Derek Henderson

Worship Leader

Aaron Vincent   High School Ministry

Aaron Vincent

High School Ministry

Tom Parks   Board Chair

Tom Parks

Board Chair

Heather Forbes   Board Secretary

Heather Forbes

Board Secretary

John Clum   Board Treasurer

John Clum

Board Treasurer

Sandy Tankiewicz   Board Member

Sandy Tankiewicz

Board Member